Case Studies

CWP 3.0: Collective Impact in Indianapolis

The true power behind the Collective Impact approach is the focus on marshaling and aligning ALL available resources, including those contributed by funders, intermediary organizations, policy makers, and community leaders. So often in the past, community plans have focused on what each individual partner organization is going to do for the cause, within the confines of its own silo, rather than taking a systems-level focus.

Marion County Re-entry Coalition Case Study

In 2007, 49% of individuals released to Marion County from Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) returned within three years, which is substantially higher than Indiana’s statewide recidivism rate of 38%. What’s more, the re-arrest rate in Marion County was 55%, which includes people who were arrested but did not return to IDOC.

Getting to Results – PC Substance Free

PC Substance Free began in late 2014 as Getting To Results, a results focused interdisciplinary approach to addressing youth substance abuse in Porter County. Individuals and organizations have been doing great work around youth substance use in the community for many years; PC Substance Free is the next step – connecting those individuals and organizations with each other and with new partners in a collaborative way to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the community and to implement strategies to make a measurable impact toward the result, “All youth in Porter County are substance free.”